Projects to Mansions

Multi genre EDM rap group Projects to Mansions (PTM), the team consist of the talented Big Steele, 7figure, lil Mas, Mr Dorsey, and KEO. PTM has been making waves in the industry since their conception, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They're a explosive 5 man powerhouse that is a household name in the Atlanta EDM scene.

Atlanta Artist Relief Fund

Today we speak with Rob Brooksher, founder of the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund. As the state and many businesses begin to reopen and "normal" life seems to resume, it's important to remember that many artists and musicians are still heavily affected by the COVID19 world wide pandemic that has no realistic end in sight. With many music and entertainment events completely cancelled or rescheduled to summer/fall 2021, there's are plenty of opportunities for the community to help and support those in need right here in ATL.

Artist Spotlight: Smorz

Today we were given the opportunity to speak with Ryan Spicer AKA Smorz. He's from the small town of Sykesville in Maryland, but had since been adopted by the Atlanta EDM scene! He creates and produces all sorts of genres from riddim bangers to your favorite beach tunes! | Atlanta Family EDM | Music, News, Culture

Teriyaki Noize

A duo making waves in the city with a unique style and sound, the Teryiaki Noize boys gave us an exclusive interview talking about their history, present, and future in the Atlanta EDM Scene.

Madeleine Goodhand

Today we speak with Madeleine Goodhand, co-owner of Imagine Music Festival and Iris Presents, LLC. We discuss the state of the industry as it relates to current events, and the challenges and opportunities there are as a woman in the concert promotion and music business world.

Artist Spotlight: Sushi Mane

Today we speak with Sushi Mane, which is a collaborative project between the minds of Jordan Austin and Nathan Sengkhammee. The duo came to fruition back in 2016 and has been slowly but surely paving their way into the underground bass scene. Interview by: Brandon Allen


Grammy nominated, multi talented musician, DJ, singer, and producer Wuki has been making waves in EDM for more that 10 years. Now, he's on tour with Nitty Gritti and getting ready to release a new album with some pretty amazing features. We got the opportunity to pick his brain after his show at District in Atlanta and get silly with him in this week's artist feature.